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Product Information

Item number: PR040
Category: Various
Chant Type: Various
Language: Various
Label: Various
Period: Contemporary
Length: 59'23
Release date: 2004
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Eastern Orthodox Chant Sampler

Our Sampler CD is provided to introduce the listener to the included range of Eastern Orthodox liturgical chant, and is not for re-sale or duplication. You may choose to download the CD to your computer (using high or low speed options).

If you want to receive the higher audio quality physical CD with tray insert, we require that you pay $5.99 for materials, shipping and handling. To proceed, click below to go to our Order Page.



Track Listing
  1. "The Great Doxology" - First Fruits  
  2. "The Cherubic Hymn" - Ancient Hymns for Modern Times  
  3. "Hymn of the Cherubim" - Sacred Treasures  
  4. "Praise The Lord, O My Soul" - Sacred Treasures III  
  5. "Trisagion Hymn" - Hymns of Paradise  
  6. "Agios O Theos" - Ancient Hymns for Modern Times  
  7. "Today the Virgin cometh" - When Augustus Reigned  
  8. "Christ is Born" - When Augustus Reigned  
  9. "Kontakion & Ikos 12" - The Akathist of Thanksgiving  
  10. "Kontakion 13" - The Akathist of Thanksgiving  
  11. "With the spirits of the righteous" - Hymns of Paradise  
  12. "Open to me the gates of repentance" - Gates of Repentance  
  13. "Guide me in the paths of salvation" - Gates of Repentance  
  14. "As I ponder in my wretchedness" - Gates of Repentance  
  15. "By the waters of Babylon" - What Earthly Joy  
  16. "The Power of Thy Cross" - Gates of Repentance  
  17. "Joseph of Arimathea" - What Earthly Joy  
  18. "The Stichera of Pascha"- Mystical Supper  
A cross section of the wide range of liturgical chant and choral music that comprises the Eastern Orthodox milieu, including Byzantine chant in English and Greek, Russian choral music, and Russian "obhikhod" chant.

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