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Product Information
Fr. Apostolos Hill Gates of Repentance
Artist: Fr. Apostolos Hill
Item number: AB001
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: English
Label: Liturgica Music
Period: Contemporary
Length: 59'47
Release date: 2003
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Glory and Troparia after Psalm 50 - Tone 8 MP3  
  2. Now and Ever, "Guide Me in the paths of salvation..." - Tone 8 MP3  
  3. Troparia after "Have mercy on me..." - Tone 6 MP3  
  4. Doxastikon of the Aposticha for Pharisee and Publican Vespers MP3  
  5. Kontakion, Sunday of the Prodigal Son - Tone 3 MP3  
  6. Doxastikon, Sunday of the Last Judgment - Tone 1 MP3  
  7. Exapostelarion, Sunday of Forgiveness - Tone 2 MP3  
  8. Prokeimenon of Cheese Fare Sunday Vespers - Tone 8 MP3  
  9. Troparia of Great Compline - Tone 6 MP3  
  10. Troparion of the Sunday of Orthodoxy - Tone 2 MP3  
  11. Troparion of St. Gregory Palamas - Tone 8 MP3  
  12. Troparion of the Sunday of the Cross - Tone 1 MP3  
  13. Kontakion of the Akathist - To Thee the Champion Leader MP3  
  14. Glory of Psalm 140, Sunday of St. John Climacus Vespers - Tone 5 MP3  
  15. Kontakion of the Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete - Tone 6 MP3  
  16. Troparion of the Akathist Hymn - Tone 3 MP3  
  17. Glory of Psalm 140, St. Mary of Egypt Sunday Vespers - Tone 4 MP3  
  18. Troparion of Saturday of St. Lazarus - Tone 1 MP3  
  19. Exapostelaria, Saturday of St. Lazarus - Tone 1 MP3  
  20. Alleluia Antiphons for the Bridegroom Service - Tone 8 MP3  
  21. Troparia of the Bridegroom Services - Tone 8 MP3  
  22. Exapostelarion of the Bridegroom Service - Tone 3 MP3  
  23. Antiphon 15 of Holy Thursday Passion Gospels - Tone 6 MP3  
  24. Troparia of First Royal Hour of Good Friday - Tone 1 MP3  
  25. Troparia of Third Royal Hour of Good Friday - Tone 6 MP3  
  26. Troparia of Ninth Royal Hour of Good Friday - Tone 9 MP3  
  27. Doxastikon of the Aposticha, Great Friday Vespers, Tone 8 MP3  
A completely new release of the original Gates of Repentance, adding eight new hymns that provide a complete chant journey through Great Lent, from the first Sunday of the Triodion through Great Friday. Hymn selections are taken from each major service of Great Lent to constitute a cohesive whole. The original recording has been completely re-mastered and re-engineered to provide an integrated musical sound. Includes 20-page liner notes booklet discussing Great Lent and its hymnology as well as complete hymn text. Recorded in English.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
The original self-produced version of this CD was wonderful gift to the English-speaking Orthodox Church, and to those interested in Byzantine Chant. The Liturgica Music version presents a complete selection of Lenten and Holy Week hymnology in a high quality recording. Few recordings of Byzantine Chant in English contain the principal hymns of Great Lent or Holy Week, and this one contains all of the major hymns of this most important period in the Church's liturgical cycle. The quality of the recording, editing and mastering are very good, the hymn text is sung with bright clarity, and it is a recording that will move you to listen to it over and over again!
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