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Product Information
Boston Byzantine Choir First Fruits
Artist: Boston Byzantine Choir
Item number: AB002
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: English
Label: Boston Byzantine Choir
Period: Contemporary
Length: 56'55
Release date: 1996
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Price: $17.99 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Blessed is The Man MP3  
  2. O Lord, I Have Cried MP3  
  3. Rich Men Have Turned Poor MP3  
  4. God Is The Lord MP3  
  5. Resurrectional Troparion MP3  
  6. Resurrectional Theotokion MP3  
  7. The Magnificat MP3  
  8. The Praises MP3  
  9. Troparion of St. Thekla MP3  
  10. Troparion of the Nativity MP3  
  11. Today the Virgin MP3  
  12. Troaprion of Theophany MP3  
  13. As Many As Have Been Baptized MP3  
  14. Awed By The Beauty MP3  
  15. To Thee, The Champion MP3  
  16. The Stichera of Pascha MP3  
  17. Doxasticon of Pascha MP3  
  18. Troparion of Pascha MP3  
  19. Kontakion of Pascha MP3  
  20. Who Is So Great a God MP3  
  21. First Sticheron of the American Saints MP3  
  22. Troparion of All Saints of America MP3  
  23. O Protection of Christians MP3  
  24. In Giving Birth MP3  
  25. O Virgin Pure MP3  
This collection of Byzantine hymnography in English, the first recording by Boston Byzantine Choir, will no longer come as a revelation to contemporary Orthodox in North America--that tradition Byzantine chant can be well rendered in English. This choir laid the ground work, and pioneered recordings that showed the traditional tones and hymns can be rendered in the English language without a diminution of form and essence. Their renderings go on to show that this tradition of sacred music need not be inaccessible to western listeners. This first recording is a collection of hymns from Vespers, Liturgy and a number of feasts, as well as perennial favorites such as O Virgin Pure (Agni Partheni), To Thee the Champion Leader, and the Troparion of All Saints of America. Liner notes with hymn text in English included.
ReviewBy: Fr. Nicholas Kastanas
As Orthodox living in the the new world, we enthusiastically welcome the first labor of love emanating from a talented and diverse group known as The Boston Byzantine Choir. First Fruits is fifty-seven minutes of psalms and hymns chanted in the traditional monophonic, a cappella pattern ? with ison line ? of Byzantine Chant. Dedicated to the memory of Fr. Gregory Phelan, the recording is well-done and inspiring. Even though the members of the choir are reading Western notation in the vocal reproduction of the hymns, female and male voices blend beautifully and mystically to render with precision and spirit the hymns in English. The ten-member choir is vibrantly engaging. Technically speaking, the chanting is in the Byzantine style but with a strong element of Western ephos. We congratulate Mr. Marge and the choir for their blessed effort from God. Well done! Their ?musical fruits? are worthy for all to appreciate.

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