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Product Information
Eikona Orthros Service of Pascha
Artist: Eikona
Item number: AB004
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: English
Label: Eikona
Period: Contemporary
Length: not published
Release date: 1995
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Price: $16.00 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Come Receive The Light MP3  
  2. Christ Is Risen MP3  
  3. Great Litany MP3  
  4. Ode 1 of the Canon MP3  
  5. Ode 3 of the Canon  
  6. Ode 4 of the Canon  
  7. Ode 5 of the Canon  
  8. Ode 6 of the Canon  
  9. Ode 7 of the Canon  
  10. Ode 8 of the Canon  
  11. Ode 9 of the Canon  
  12. Exaposteilarion of Pascha  
  13. Let Every Breath...  
  14. Stichera of Pascha  
  15. Doxastikon of Pascha  
The Lenten journey has ended; we have participated in the Passion of Christ; the Bridegroom has been laid in the tomb, and the church is overflowing in a sea of unlit candles. As the lights are darkened, every faithful heart anticipates the celebration of that decisive moment in history on which the entire Faith stands; the glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Savios, Jesus Christ. The priest, bearing the light of our resurrected Lord, comes forth and chants: ''Come receive the light from the Light that is never overtaken by night, and glorify Christ, who is risen from the dead.
ReviewBy: Fr. Apostolos Hill
Eikona takes on an ambitious project in this recording of perhaps the best-known hymns of Orthodoxy, those of the Paschal Matins service. With this work they begin to find their depth. Eikona's voices blend very well and the production is consistent throughout. The bell-like, angelic tone is very joyful without becoming saccharine. The listener's interest is maintained by the variety of voices employed throughout (officiant, reader, etc.) The Greek, Arabic, Slavic, Spanish, and Ethiopian renderings of the Paschal hymn Xristos Anesti lends an ecumenical air to the work. Attention to detail where proper English phrasing in a Byzantine mode is well done. Aspiring psaltis would do well to include this CD in their discography.

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