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Product Information
Choir of Balamand Monastery Chants From Balamand - Feast of St. John of Damascus
Artist: Choir of Balamand Monastery
Item number: AB037
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: Arabic
Label: Conciliar Records
Period: Medieval
Length: 71'19
Release date: 1994
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Price: $16.95 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Troparion of St. John of Damascus (Tone 3) MP3  
  2. Psalm 103 (Tone 8)  
  3. O Lord, I Have Cried? (Tone 8) MP3  
  4. Prosomoia Hymns after O Lord, I Have Cried (Tone 8)  
  5. Doxastikon (Tone 6)  
  6. Exapostilarion (Tone 3) MP3  
  7. Praises, Psalm 148-150 (Tone 6)  
  8. Prosomoia Hymns after the Praises  
  9. Doxastikon for the Praises (Tone 2)  
  10. Doxology (Tone 8)  
  11. Trisagion (Tone 7)  
  12. It Is Meet, in Truth, to Bless Thee (Tone 1)  
  13. Polychronion  
  14. Hymn of Balamand (Tone 3)  
A recording of many of the hymns from Vespers and Matins of the Feast of St. John of Damascus, sung by the monastic choir of Balamand Monastery and the seminarians from the St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology. Includes many of the traditional hymns and those specific to the services of the Feast of a saint.
ReviewBy: B. Williams
This is another traditional Byzantine recording, sung in Arabic by monks and seminarians from Syria. While the recording is recent, the chant style is traditional and reminiscent of the chant from Simonopetra Monastery on Mt. Athos. The chant flows timelessly through the two services, raising praises to God while moving the listener peacefully into the Kingdom. The hymns on this recording are sung to the patron saint of the seminary, and the piety and commitment of the chanters comes through.

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