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Product Information
Athonite Fathers of St. Anthony's Monastery Vigil of Saint Anthony
Artist: Athonite Fathers of St. Anthony's Monastery
Item number: AB058
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: Greek
Label: St. Anthony's Monastery
Period: Contemporary
Length: 65'53
Release date: 2003
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Price: $16.95 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Lord, I have cried (Tone 1)  
  2. Let my prayer be set forth as incense (Tone 1)  
  3. Set, O Lord, a watch before my mouth (Tone 1)  
  4. If Thou shouldest mark iniquities, O Lord (Vespers, Tone 1)  
  5. From the morning watch until night (Vespers, Tone 4)  
  6. Blessed is the man (Vespers, Tone 5)  
  7. Liti Doxastikon (Tone 5)  
  8. Rich men have turned poor (Tone 7 enharmonic)  
  9. Give thanks to the Lord (Psalm 135)  
  10. By the intercessions of Thy Saint... (Tone 2)  
  11. Canon of St. Anthony, 1st & 3rd Odes (Tone 8)  
  12. Trisagion "Kalogerou" (Tone 1)  
  13. It is truly right (Tone 5 by M. Hatziathanasiou)  
  14. Apolytikion of St. Anthony (Tone 8)  
  15. Monastery Bells  
This is a very traditional chant rendition of the Vigil service for the feast of Saint Anthony, the patron saint of this monastery in Florence, AZ. Sung in the Athonite chant style, it both presents and represents the historic chant tradition brought to America from Mt. Athos in Greece when this monastery was recently founded. Hymns chanted are mostly traditional Athonite melodies, but also specific arrangements by Iakovos the Head Chanter and Michael Hatziathanasiou. Liner notes booklet includes hymn text in both Greek and English.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
From the first chanted note on Track 1 to the monastery bells on Track 15, this recording transports you: to the catholicon at St. Anthony's Monastery, into the service commemorating St. Anthony, and thus on "the ascent to heaven" that is accomplished by this Byzantine chant. As a quote on the liner notes from St. John Chrysostom points out: "Nothing elevates the soul, nothing gives it wings as a liturgical hymn does." This is a well recorded and engineered project, with clear sound that captures and conveys the church setting in which it was recorded. The voices of the monks seamlessly sing melody and ison, and the presentation of the text (i.e., the prayer) is clear and easily understood. The feel is unhurried, transcendent and spiritual. This will certainly become an important and representative contemporary recording of Byzantine chant.

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