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Product Information
Choir of the Cathedral of Saint George La Divina Liturgia de San Juan Crisostomo
Artist: Choir of the Cathedral of Saint George
Item number: AB075
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: Spanish
Label: Iglesia Ortodoxa Antioquena
Period: Contemporary
Length: 58'23
Release date: 2004
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Doxologia MP3  
  2. Letania de la paz  
  3. La Primera Antifona MP3  
  4. La Segunda Antifona  
  5. Tropario de San Jorge  
  6. Kondakion general  
  7. Trisagio MP3  
  8. El himno de la Gran Entrada  
  9. Letania de la Orfrenda  
  10. La Anafora  
  11. Es justo en verdad  
  12. Un solo Santo  
  13. Alabad al Senor  
  14. Dios es el Senor  
  15. Vimos la luz  
  16. Troparios de las Resurrecion-Tone 1 MP3  
  17. Troparios de las Resurrecion - Tone 2  
  18. Troparios de las Resurrecion - Tone 3  
  19. Troparios de las Resurrecion-Tone 4  
  20. Troparios de las Resurrecion - Tone 6  
  21. Troparios de las Resurrecion - Tone 6  
  22. Troparios de las Resurrecion - Tone 7  
  23. Troparios de las Resurrecion-Tone 8  
The Divine Liturgy of the Antiochian Orthodox Church of Mexico. Chanted and sung in Spanish in the traditional Byzantine Tones. Descriptive liner notes in Spanish; no hymn text.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
For those long awaiting the recording of Byzantine services in Spanish, this will be a welcome CD. The most striking element is the degree to which the melody components of the traditional Byzantine hymns are maintained as they are sung in Spanish, given the difference in text and phrasing that occurs in translation to a different language. This is a recording by a Cathedral choir, and it is quite good. The mood is both joyous and prayerful, and the addition of the eight Resurrection Troparia in each tone adds a very nice instructional element to the recording.
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