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Product Information
Romeiko Ensemble From Adam Unto Joseph
Click for Enlarged View
Artist: Romeiko Ensemble
Item number: AB079
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: Greek
Label: Melodiko Karavi
Period: Medieval
Length: 114'06
Release date: 2002
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Price: $39.99 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. CD1, Track 1: As we the faithful observe MP3  
  2. CD1, Track 2: Let us celebrate  
  3. CD1, Track 3: O Bethlehem in the land MP3  
  4. CD1, Track 4: Tell us, O Joseph  
  5. CD1, Track 5: Dance, O Esaias  
  6. CD1, Track 6: Be not downcast, O Joseph  
  7. CD1, Track 7: Make ready, O cave  
  8. CD1, Track 8: Come, with faith MP3  
  9. CD1, Track 9: In Bethlehem MP3  
  10. CD1, Track 10: The Lord said the following - For a child is born to us  
  11. CD1, Track 11: Shining with the lightning-flashes  
  12. CD1, Track 12: Rejoice, O honourable Prophets  
  13. CD1, Track 13: Behold, the time of salvation  
  14. CD1, Track 14: When Daniel, the man of desires  
  15. CD1, Track 15: Terirem, kratema, And Savior of our souls MP3  
  16. CD2, Track 1: The song the shepherds played MP3  
  17. CD2, Track 2: A selection of foretestal canons in the eight modes MP3  
  18. CD2, Track 3: On the day the Virgin cometh MP3  
  19. CD2, Track 4: A hand-wrought image  
  20. CD2, Track 5: O Bethlehem, rejoice  
  21. CD2, Track 6: On December 20 - On Sunday before Christ  
  22. CD2, Track 7: In the town of Bethlehem, Katabasiae Mode 1-Old Byzantine Melody MP3  
  23. CD2, Track 8: Make thou ready, Bethlehem, Before the Lord  
  24. CD2, Track 9: Forefestal praises, stichera  
  25. CD2, Track 10: Lo, now she hath appeared  
  26. CD2, Track 11: The collection of the Law  
  27. CD2, Track 12: Great are the achievements of faith, Be thou ready Bethlehem MP3  
  28. CD2, Track 13: In the town of Bethlehem, Katabasiae Mode 1  
From Adam Unto Joseph is an astonishing project: a 2-CD recording of the music of the Forefeast of the Nativity within a full color book treating the subject of Christ's Nativity and its associated chant. Given the theological emphasis on the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Forefeast and the Feast of the Nativity are among the most significant periods of the liturgical year, ones often reduced to simply "Christmas" for all too many people. This production offers a collection of some of the most important chant selections out of an extremely rich heritage that spans a millennia of Byzantine chant composition. It is a magnificent hard cover volume in full color in Greek and English, containing Patristic writings and hymns, commentary, the entire hymn text, etc. all in Greek and English. The entire performance text with Byzantine notation is reproduced in full color. Chanted in Greek; book in Greek and English, including complete hymn text. 138 pp. Cloth bound hard cover.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
If you like and appreciate the hard cover productions of Festal Byzantine chant produced by the Vatopedi Monastery on Mt. Athos, then get ready for a production which is an order of magnitude beyond them. By that I mean two things. First, the production itself is a 9 x 9 inch hard cover book in both Greek and English, which includes Patristic text, commentary by Fr. Maximos Lavriotes, hynm text, iconography & calligraphy, and reproduction of the entire score in Byzantine notation -- and the quality is superlative. Second, the hymn selection that comprises the CDs is primarily comprised of arrangements never before recorded. These include the Katabasiae (Katavasia) for the Forefeast (In the town of Bethlehem) sung in an early medieval Old Byzantine Melody and a 17th century Byzantine arrangement by Petros Bereketis. Other arrangements by Lampadarios, Georgiades and others make it an auditory tour of Byzantium 's greatest composers. Isn't that enough to make it worth purchasing? Then you have a hymn selection that spans this fundamentally overlooked festal period, chant seldom performed or heard, but theologically potent. The quality of the performance, as is always the case with the Romeiko Ensemble, is top notch. This is a production of stunning beauty -- beauty to the eye and to the ear.

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