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Product Information
Holy Transfiguration Monastery Byzantine Prosomia
Artist: Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Item number: AB081
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: English
Label: Holy Transfiguration Monastery
Period: Contemporary
Length: 100'55
Release date: 2005
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Price: $20.00 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. O all-lauded Martyrs (First Tone) MP3  
  2. O strange wonder (First Tone) MP3  
  3. Thou art the joy (First Tone) MP3  
  4. The three most great luminaries (First Tone) MP3  
  5. While Gabriel was standing (First Tone) MP3  
  6. The Soldiers standing guard (First Tone) MP3  
  7. Thou soughtest the heights (Second Tone) MP3  
  8. When he took Thee (Second Tone) MP3  
  9. With what fair crowns (Second Tone) MP3  
  10. O house of Ephratha (Second Tone) MP3  
  11. Hearken, ye women (Second Tone) MP3  
  12. Upon that mount in Galilee (Second Tone) MP3  
  13. While Thy disciples looked on Thee (Second Tone) MP3  
  14. Awed by the beauty (Third Tone) MP3  
  15. On this day the Virgin (Third Tone) MP3  
  16. The power of Thy Cross (Third Tone) MP3  
  17. That which came to pass in thee (Third Tone) MP3  
  18. Thy confession (Third Tone) MP3  
  19. From the heights our Saviour, Christ - 1st version (Third Tone) MP3  
  20. From the heights our Saviour, Christ - 2nd version (Third Tone) MP3  
  21. O Changeless Light (Third Tone) MP3  
  22. O ye Apostles from afar (Third Tone) MP3  
  23. Thou Who as God adornest (Third Tone) MP3  
  24. While standing in the Temple MP3  
  25. As one valiant (Fourth Tone) MP3  
  26. Lord, when Thou didst ascend (Fourth Tone) MP3  
  27. O Lord, although I desired to blot out (Fourth Tone) MP3  
  28. On this day Thou hast appeared (Fourth Tone) MP3  
  29. Thou who wast called from on high (Fourth Tone) MP3  
  30. Unto them that fear Thee (Fourth Tone) MP3  
  31. Be quick to anticipate MP3  
  32. Joseph was amazed, Dismissal Hymn MP3  
  33. Those Who wast raised up MP3  
  34. Those Who wast raised up, Kontakion MP3  
  35. Joseph was amazed, Sessional Hymn MP3  
  36. Let us worship the Word MP3  
  37. We the faithful bless thee MP3  
  38. O righteous Father MP3  
  39. Rejoice MP3  
  40. Angels in the Heavens MP3  
  41. As it is written MP3  
  42. Ere the morning star MP3  
  43. Having laid up all their hope MP3  
  44. Ye angelic hosts MP3  
  45. By conceiving the wisdom MP3  
  46. O Lord, though Thou didst stand MP3  
  47. O Lord, Thy holy-Martyrs MP3  
  48. O strange wonder MP3  
  49. The paradise of Eden MP3  
  50. What shall we now call you MP3  
  51. To Thee, the Champion Leader MP3  
  52. When the bodiless one MP3  
  53. As first-fruits of our nature MP3  
  54. Thou, as the Life of all MP3  
This is an instruction CD for chanters, that is also a joy to listen to, in that it contains the Prosomia sung in English. The Prosomia are special melodies to which Byzantine hymns are metered. They are used in thousands of hymns in the Menaion, Triodion, Pentecostarion, Octoechos, and all the service books of the Eastern (Byzantine) Rite. This is a two CD set, and the second CD includes PDF files of the music (western notation) and text for all the Prosomia. The two CDs include a total of 54 hymns (tracks) covering all eight tones. In addition, CD2 includes two PDF files: the first is an 84-page booklet with hymn text and music (western notation) to accompany the hymns sung on the CDs; the second covers the music only for all the hymns on the CDs.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
On these CDs, the Original Melody of each Prosomion is chanted clearly and simply, followed by a second example, some of which are taken from English services to Saints not in the original Greek Menaia, such as St. Patrick, St. Seraphim of Sarov, St. John of Kronstadt, the Holy Martyrs of China, and St. John Maximovich. If you want to advance in your chant technique, if you love Byzantine chant and want to learn and appreciate more, or if you just want to know the sound of the melody that goes with those cryptic titles in red print in the service books, then this CD is for you. The chanting is uniformly good, and the CD is both a pleasure and joy to listen to apart from its teaching purpose.

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