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Product Information
Athonite Fathers of St. Anthony's Monastery The Divine Liturgies - Vol. 1
Artist: Athonite Fathers of St. Anthony's Monastery
Item number: AB091
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: English
Label: St. Anthony's Greek Orthodox Monastery
Period: Contemporary
Length: 69'48
Release date: 2006
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Price: $16.94 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Slow Doxology, Mode 1  
  2. Today is Salvation, Mode 3 MP3  
  3. Christ is Risen  
  4. Lord, Have Mercy in 5 Modes  
  5. Typica, First Stasis, Mode 5 MP3  
  6. Typica, Second Stasis, Mode 7  
  7. The Eight Apolytikia of the Resurrection  
  8. Come Let Us Worship  
  9. Come Let Us Worship MP3  
  10. Dynamis, Mode 8  
  11. As Many of You as Have Been Baptized, Mode 1  
  12. Dynamis, Mode 1 MP3  
  13. Thy Cross Do We Worship, Mode 2  
  14. Dynamis, Mode 2  
  15. Alleluia, Diatonic Mode 8  
  16. Arise, O God, Mode 7  
  17. Alleluia, Mode 1  
  18. Eis Polla Eti Despota, Mode 4  
  19. Glory to Thee, O Lord, Mode 8  
  20. Cherubic Hymn of Holy Thursday, Mode 6  
  21. Cherubic Hymn of Holy Saturday, Mode 5  
A recording of the major components of the hymnology of the Divine Liturgy, according to the Athonite practice, from the Monastery of St. Anthony in Florence, AZ. Includes the First & Second Stasis of the Typika, all eight Apolytikia of the Resurrection, and many major hymns. Sung in English with hymn text. CD also includes a PDF file of Western and Byzantine notation for the melodies sung on the CD.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
This is the second recording from St. Anthony Monastery, and indicates the scope of the undertaking they have in mind. In addition to recording many of the major and variable hymns of the Liturgy as Byzantine chant in English, they include the score (Western and Byzantine notation) as a PDF file. The recording quality is good, and the voices are generally (but not always) equally good and strong. There are a few hymns where some strain is evident. This recording represents a different style than most parishes actually sing as their Byzantine chant for the Liturgy, but that is good: St. Anthony's is extending the Athonite practice into the United States. Overall this is a very good CD most people will want, especially because it is in English and has hymns (such as the Typika) seldom recorded elsewhere.

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