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Product Information
Chanters of St. Lawrence Orthodox Church What Earthly Joy
Artist: Chanters of St. Lawrence Orthodox Church
Item number: AJ049
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: English
Label: St. Lawrence Orthodox Church
Period: Contemporary
Length: 74'31
Release date: 2002
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Price: $18.00 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Dormition Doxastikon (8 Tones, Great Znammeny) MP3  
  2. Dormition: Post Feast Stichera (Tone 5) MP3  
  3. Dormition: Post Feast Aposticha (Tone 2) MP3  
  4. Pure Virgin Lady [Agni Partheni] (Tone 5, Byzantine) MP3  
  5. Beneath Your Compassion (Kiev Caves Monastery chant) MP3  
  6. What Earthly Joy Remains (Tone 1 Automelon, Bulgarian) MP3  
  7. Now The Powers (Tone 6, Byzantine adaptation) MP3  
  8. God Is The Lord (Tone 6, Byzantine) MP3  
  9. Resurrectional Troparion and Theotokion (Tone 6, Byzantine) MP3  
  10. Polyeleos; Psalm 134 (135) MP3  
  11. By The Waters of Babylon (Znammeny Chant) MP3  
  12. Blessed Are You, O Lord [Evlogitaria] (Tone 5, Byzantine) MP3  
  13. Jerusalem Troparion #5 (Tone 5, Byzantine) MP3  
  14. From My Youth [Hymn of Ascent] (Tone 4, Valaam Chant) MP3  
  15. The Resurrection Hymn (Tone 6, Byzantine) MP3  
  16. Psalm 50 (51) MP3  
  17. Open To Me The Gates of Repentance (Russian Choral Arrangement) MP3  
  18. Antiphon 15 [Holy Friday] (Tone 6, Byzantine) MP3  
  19. Joseph of Arimathea [Holy Friday] (Tone 2, Automelon) MP3  
  20. Joseph Together with Nicodemus (Tone 5, Pskov Melody) MP3  
  21. Sunday Exapostilarion and Theotokion #8 (Tone 2, Byzantine) MP3  
  22. You Rose From the Tomb on the Third Day (Tone 6, Automelon) MP3  
  23. The Great Doxology (Tone 8, Byzantine) MP3  
  24. Sunday Troparion After The Great Doxology (Tone 8, Byzantine) MP3  
  25. In the Flesh [Paschal Exapostilarion] (Carpatho-Russian Motif) MP3  
  26. Hearken, O Women [Third Sunday of Pascha] (Tone 1, Znamenny) MP3  
  27. Let God Arise [Paschal Praises] (tone 5, Grand Znamenny) MP3  
  28. Christ Is Risen [Paschal Troparion] (Grand Zanmenny) MP3  
While this CD is listed as "Russian," it is because most of the hymns on it are sung in various Russian chant forms (Znammeny, Valaam, Carpatho-Russian, etc.) but almost as many are sung in either Byzantine chant or related chant forms. It is a terrific cross section of the Eastern Orthodox chant expression in English that is happening in many parishes today. The hymn selection is both festal and is principally from the Lenten-Paschal cycle. Liner insert includes the entire hymn text in English.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
Most recordings that include a wide range of music forms either fail because of the range, or end up not doing justice to all the forms they attempt to convey. This CD has only a single shortcoming, some vocal level mis-matching between solo chanter and singers; otherwise it does a superb job of delivering a broad selection of Eastern Orthodox chant from a wide range of traditions, and does in a way that is both pleasing to listen to and well executed. The chanter's voices are good, on the Byzantine chant hymns the ison is sonorous, the quality of the recording is very good, and the overall effect is captivating. While a purist might criticize some of the presentations for having an "American" sound, that is not a fault when the subject is chant in English in this country--and where else will you find a recording of "By the Waters of Babylon" in English? The rendition of ?Virgin Pure? (Agni Partheni) is also worthy of note, as is the source of the CD title, ?What Earthly Joy Remains.? This recording will be listened to frequently and with much pleasure.

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