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Product Information
Gloria Dei Cantores Sacred Songs of Russia
Artist: Gloria Dei Cantores
Item number: AJ051
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: Church Slavonic
Label: Paraclete Press
Period: Contemporary
Length: 70'55
Release date: 1999
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Hristos Voskrese; Kastal MP3  
  2. Blagoslovi, Dushe; Chesnokov MP3  
  3. Bogoroditse Devo; Rachmaninoff MP3  
  4. Bogoroditse Devo; Sviridov  
  5. Liubov  
  6. Pokayanniy Stih; Sviridov  
  7. Ghospodi vozzvah; Znamenny chant MP3  
  8. Beznevestnaya Devo; Titov  
  9. Slava vo vishnih Bogu; Bortniansky  
  10. Cherubic Hymn; Glinka  
  11. Milost  
  12. Angel vopiyashe; Tchaikovsky  
  13. Hymn in honor of Sts. Cyril and Methodius; Tchaikovsky  
  14. O Tebe raduyestia; Smolensky  
  15. Svete tihiy; Kastal  
  16. Hvalite imia Ghospodne; Chesnokov  
  17. V molitvah neusipayushchuyu Bogoroditsu; Rachmaninoff  
  18. Litany of Supplication; Arkhangel  
  19. Otche Nash; Kedrov  
A collection of a broad range of Russian liturgical hymnology, as presented by Gloria Dei Cantores when they toured Russia by invitation of Metropolitan (now Patriarch) Aleksy of Russia. Music on this type of CD usually has one of three formats: stylistic survey, liturgical service or concert. The survey is invaluable for musical and historical interest, but tends to suffer from sameness, even when it represents a complete service, as with many of the excellent Grindenko recordings. In the service format a recording can be rough, crude and difficult to hear, but it has the thrill of a real performance recorded live at a real service, which is the point of the music after all. At some point, this is how the music should be heard. This CD is in concert format, which presents pieces of high artistic value, usually of different styles for variety, in an appealing and interesting manner. Such programs are how we usually first come to a genre. Success depends on the specific program, and this program is a good one: big opener, then working into the more meditative and heartfelt; then a great variety with highs and lows ending on the warmly interior Kedrov Our Father. The composers are mostly the 'celebrities' of the genre, whose work set the standards: well-known secular composers such as Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, plus heroes of the corpus across the centuries such as Titov, Bortniansky, Archangelsky, Kastalsky, Kedrov. Sviridov is a pleasant surprise: insufficiently known in Russia, and even less well known in the west, he and his music deserve to be heard more. There are both well known and nearly unknown pieces here, and all of them worth hearing.
ReviewBy: Peter Schwalbenberg
This performance has that attention to detail and control characteristic of intelligent execution of Russian music by non-Russians. The performance also reaches through to the spirit of the music so it sounds like what it was meant to be. Very satisfying both musically and intellectually, this recording effectively communicates the tradition to the listener. The sound levels are quite low on this recording, and the range of volume is broad, so it can be difficult to hear the soft parts if the background is noisy. Be sure to listen at least once in a quiet place. The notes are outstanding. A few sure strokes give plenty of background on the piece and the composer, and the work is tied into the wider context of the genre. Texts are included?a rarity in itself?in both English and Slavonic for all selections, in a transcription accessible to anyone. This type of music works so closely with the texts that it is crucial to have them, but so few recordings do. This in itself is a reason to add this CD to your library, for the selections contain many of the texts that are most often set to music. Highly recommended as an introduction to the genre, as a first-class performance of these pieces, and for the texts and notes.
Copyright © 2000- All rights reserved.