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Product Information
St. Seraphim Orthodox Choir Attend, O Heaven: Hymns of the Great Lent and Pascha
Artist: St. Seraphim Orthodox Choir
Item number: AJ054
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: English
Label: St. Seraphim Orthodox Church
Period: Contemporary
Length: 77'55
Release date: 2003
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Waters of Babylon - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  2. Make Haste - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  3. Alas, Black Soul - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  4. Turn Not Thy Countenance - Carpatho-Russian Chant MP3  
  5. Let Us Set Out with Joy - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  6. Canon of St. Andrew of Crete - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  7. Now the Powers - Bulgarian Chant MP3  
  8. O Taste and See - Byzantine Chant MP3  
  9. The Grace of Truth - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  10. We Venerate - Znamenny chant MP3  
  11. Thy Tongue - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  12. Rejoice, O Life-Giving Cross - Russian chant melody MP3  
  13. Shine, O Cross MP3  
  14. Archangelski Glas/With the Voice - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  15. O Holy Father John - Russian chant melody MP3  
  16. Today the Grace of the Holy Spirit - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  17. Thy Bridal Chamber - Byzantine Chant MP3  
  18. Israel, My First Born Son - Byzantine Chant MP3  
  19. All Creation was changed - Bulgarian Chant MP3  
  20. Today, the Most Pure Virgin - Znamenny Chant MP3  
  21. Joseph Together with Nicodemus - Pskov Chant MP3  
  22. Today a Tomb Holds Him - Kievan Chant MP3  
  23. Come, Let Us See Our Life MP3  
  24. Today, Hell Groans: Sticheron 5 - Lesser Znamenny Chant MP3  
  25. Today, Hell Groans: Sticheron 6 - Lesser Znamenny Chant MP3  
  26. Arise, O God MP3  
  27. Let All Mortal Flesh MP3  
  28. The Lord Awoke MP3  
  29. Let God Arise MP3  
  30. The Angel Cried MP3  
  31. Christ Is Risen MP3  
  32. And Unto Us MP3  
This selection of hymns from Great Lent and Pascha includes a total of 32 tracks, including "Christ Is Risen," and thus presents a cross section of the hymns of the season. Beginning with "Waters of Babylon" only heard in the first three Sundays, the recording moves through the season presenting representative hymns, many of which are not included in typical recordings. Music and text of the recording is available from the producer. Sung in English, limited liner notes, no hymn text included. THIS ALBUM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON CD - ONLY VIA MP3 DOWNLOAD.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
This recording is sung by a very good quality church choir, and not only delivers a super presentation of the hymnology, but also conveys the feeling of being present with them in their church. The selections are well chosen, and the variety of Russian chant forms included provide a broad exposure to the range of the Russian chant tradition. The quality of the recording is quite good, and the voices of soloists and choir blend well together. This is a very uplifting recording, one which does justice to the hymns presented, and is a pleasure to listen to.
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