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Product Information
Male Choir of Moscow Patriarchate; N. Nosov Early Russian Ecclesiastical Hymns
Artist: Male Choir of Moscow Patriarchate; N. Nosov
Item number: AJ070
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Various
Language: Old Slavonic
Label: RCD
Period: Medieval
Length: 70'55
Release date: 1993
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. It is Meet  
  2. Ton despontin (Znamenny Chant)  
  3. Great Ektene  
  4. O Thou the only Begotten Son  
  5. Through food, the enemy led Adam out of Paradise MP3  
  6. Come, let us worship  
  7. When the Jews had sealed down the stone (Znamenny Chant)  
  8. To Thee, O Theotokos  
  9. O Holy God MP3  
  10. Let Thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us (Znamenny chant)  
  11. Alleluia MP3  
  12. Cherubical Hymn  
  13. Ektene of Supplication  
  14. The Father and the Son (Znamenny chant)  
  15. The Mercy of Peacy (Znamenny Chant) MP3  
  16. It is Meet  
  17. One is holy (Znamenny Chant)  
  18. Praise ye the Lord from the Heavens (Znamenny Chant)  
  19. Receive ye the Body of Christ  
  20. We have seen the true light  
  21. Let our mouths be filled with Thy praise  
  22. Small Ektene  
  23. Blessed be the name of the Lord  
The disc is a first release on CD of a recording previously released in 1988 as an LP in the Moscow Patriarchate's series commemrating 1000 Years of the Baptism of Rus'. The liner notes are expertly written and provided in Russian and English. No hymn text.
ReviewBy: Vladimir Morosan
This recording represents an excellent blend of scholarship and practical performance! The transcriptions of early Russian polyphony have been made by scholars who do not subscribe to the "dissonant" school (which prevails on some recordings in this catalog, e.g., B4). Rather, they believe that Russian Orthodox liturgical music throughout the centuries pursued the ideal of beauty, and that vocal parts notated in staffless neumes cannot always be transcribed literally into modern staff notation: if necessary, they must be transposed and adjusted rhythmically in order to minimize dissonant clashes. Given the imprecise state of notation, it is believed that this is what singers did spontaneously during performance. The Liturgy presented here reveals indigenous Russian polyphony to be extraordinarily beautiful! While the music bears some similarities to the Western European style, much more striking are resemblances to the sacred music of Georgia! In the ever-changing choral Russian scene there are several "Patriarchal" choirs. This fine all-male ensemble, directed by K. Nosov (now known as Father Amvrosiy), exists under the aegis of the Publishing Department of the Moscow Patriarchate, and should not be confused with the Patriarchal Choir directed by A. Grindenko.
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