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Product Information
St Vladimir's Seminary Chorale Chant: Chant Traditions of the Orthodox Christian Church
Artist: St Vladimir's Seminary Chorale
Item number: AJ077
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: English
Label: SVS Press
Period: Contemporary
Length: 57'55
Release date: 2006
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Price: $16.99 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Evening Processional, Gladsome Light (Znammeny Chant) MP3  
  2. Tuesday Vespers Prokeimenon, Thy mercy, O Lord (Serbian Chant) MP3  
  3. St Symeon MP3  
  4. Polyeleos, Praise the name of the Lord (Byzantine Chant) MP3  
  5. Resurrectional Evlogitaria, Blessed are Thou, O Lord (Byzantine Chant)  
  6. Magnificat, My Soud magnifies the Lord (Serbian Chant)  
  7. Great Doxology, Glory to God in the highest (Byzantine Chant)  
  8. Resurrectional Matins Troparion, Having risen (Znammeny Chant)  
  9. Trisagion, Holy God (Georgian Chant)  
  10. Cherubic Hymn, Let us who mystically (Znammeny Chant)  
  11. Cherubic Hymn, Let us who mystically (Georgian Chant)  
  12. Hymn to the Theotokos, It is truly meet (Bulgarian Chant)  
  13. Kontakion, My soul, my soul, arise (Kievan Chant)  
  14. Prayers of Compline, Have mercy on us (Valaam Chant)  
  15. Koinonikon, O taste and see (Byzantine Chant)  
  16. Exapostilation, Thy bridal chamber (Russian "Bulgarian" Chant)  
  17. Hymn of Kassiane, The woman had fallen (Byzantine Chant)  
  18. Troparion, When the glorious disciples (Byzantine Chant)  
  19. Kathisma Hymn, How could Judas (Carpatho-Russian Chant)  
  20. Antiphon XV, Today He who hung the earth upon the waters (Bulgarian Chant)  
  21. Kathisma Hymn, The soldiers guarding Thy tomb (Bulgarian Chant)  
  22. Canon Ode 9, Do not lament me (Serbian Chant)  
  23. Paschal Troparion, Christ is risen (Serbian & Byzantine Chant)  
  24. Communion Psalm Antiphon, God has gone up with a shout  
A well executed cross-section of liturgical chants from many traditions. Good explanatory liner notes in English, but ho hymn text.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
This CD, like its companion represents the long-awaited resumption of liturgical music recordings from St. Vladimir‚??s Seminary. It very nicely demonstrates the degree to which traditional chants‚??Russian Znammeny, Bulgarian, Byzantine, Serbian and others‚??have attained a position of prominence in the practice of the Seminary Chapel. Recording quality is good and the singing is clear and quite understandable. The absence of hymn text is lamentable, but the quality of the recording is very engaging.

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