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Product Information
St Elizabeth Convent Choir Chants of Great Lent
Artist: St Elizabeth Convent Choir
Item number: AJ100
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: Church Slavonic
Label: St Elizabeth Convent
Period: Contemporary
Length: null
Release date: 2007
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. The Great Litany-Valaam chant MP3  
  2. Kontakion-My Soul  
  3. Come Let Us Bless Joseph MP3  
  4. By the Waters of Babylon-Znamenny chant MP3  
  5. Now the Powers of Heaven-Valaam chant  
  6. The Blessed-Valaam chant MP3  
  7. O Lord of Hosts, Be with Us-Znamenny chant  
  8. Adam Sitting-Valaam chant  
  9. I Have Recklessly Forgotten Your Glory, O Father-Bulgarian chant  
  10. Open to Me the Gates of Repentance-Znamenny chant MP3  
  11. O Virgin Theotokos, Rejoice-Valaam chant  
  12. Partake and See-Valaam chant  
  13. Thy Abode-Kievan chant  
  14. Today He is Hung upon the Cross-Znamenny chant MP3  
  15. In the Morning-Valaam chant  
  16. Turn Not Thy Face Away from Thy Servant-Znamenny chant  
  17. Let All Human Flesh Keep Silence-Kievan chant MP3  
  18. Of Thy Mystical Supper-Znamenny chant MP3  
  19. Moaning of Theotokos-Early 19th Century chants  
A selection of nineteen hymns and chants from the services of Great Lent, with an emphasis on the early weeks of the cycle of Great Lent. Sung in Church Slavonic to old Russian chant forms by St Elizabeth Convent choir, a female choir under the direction of Novice Irina Denisova. No liner notes booklet; simple & economical packaging, track listing in Russian and English.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
?Uplifting and edifying? are the thoughts that come to mind in listening to this recording. In part that is because of the selection of hymns from the early Lenten cycle, with their call to penitence and self-discipline. It is also because the hymns are professionally performed by a female choir of nuns who not only deliver a quite unusual sound for ?Russian liturgical music? (which is usually male voice choirs), but do so in a penitential and moving manner. Not only are the hymns performed very well, but the quality of the recording and the engineering likewise very good, giving the listener the sense of being present before the ?body of sisters? standing before the chanters stand on the cover.
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