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Product Information
St Elizabeth Convent Choir Holy Easter
Artist: St Elizabeth Convent Choir
Item number: AJ102
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: Church Slavonic
Label: St Elizabeth Convent
Period: Cont
Release date: 2007
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Festive Ringing  
  2. Easter Canon, First Ode: It is the Day of Resurrection-Greek chant MP3  
  3. Third Ode: Come Let Us Drink a New Beverage MP3  
  4. Hypakoe: When at Dawn-Znamenny chant MP3  
  5. Fourth Ode: May the Divinely Speaking Abaccum  
  6. Fifth Ode: Let Us Arise in the Deep Dawn  
  7. Sixth Ode: Thou Did Descent into the Nether Regions of Earth  
  8. Kontakion: Though Thou Did Descend into the Grave  
  9. Seventh Ode: He Who Delivered the Children from the Furnace  
  10. Eighth Ode: This is the Chosen and Holy Day  
  11. Ninth Ode: Magnify, O My Soul MP3  
  12. Exapostilarion: After Thou Didst Fall Asleep-Common chant  
  13. Stichera at the Praises-Valaam chant  
  14. Easter Stichera-Common chant  
  15. Troparion to St John Chrysostom-Valaam chant  
  16. Hours of Easter-Common chant MP3  
  17. First Easter Antiphon-Valaam chant MP3  
  18. Second Easter Antiphon  
  19. The Only-Begotten Son-Bulgarian chant  
  20. Third Easter Antiphon-Greek chant MP3  
  21. The Angel Cried unto Her-Greek chant MP3  
A selection of twenty hymns and chants from the Paschal Vigil, introduced with the festal ringing of bells. Sung in Church Slavonic to old Russian melodies (Valaam, Znamenny and plain chant) by St Elizabeth Convent choir, a female choir under the direction of Novice Irina Denisova. No liner notes booklet; simple & economical packaging, track listing in Russian and English.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
This recording of the hymns of Holy Pascha is unique in its two-fold approach: it combines the Odes of the Canon from the Matins service of the Resurrection with the Resurrection hymns themselves, and does so with a large selection of old chant forms like Valaam and Greek chant. This experience is heightened by the fact that the chants are professionally performed by a female choir of nuns who not only deliver a quite unusual sound for ?Russian liturgical music? (which is usually male voice choirs), but do glorious and joyous manner. The quality of the recording equals that of the performance, and with the added dimension of hearing these familiar Paschal hymns sung by female voices, the result is a very festive experience of the services of Holy Pascha.
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