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Product Information
Adolph Attia Jewish Liturgical Music, Vol. 1
Artist: Adolph Attia
Item number: AA001
Category: Jewish
Chant Type: Jewish
Language: Hebrew
Label: Chant Du Monde
Period: Contemporary
Length: 62'31
Release date: 1994
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Price: $17.98 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Retse MP3  
  2. Hachkivenou MP3  
  3. Kaddich MP3  
  4. Psalm 23 MP3  
  5. Ado-Noi Ado-Noi  
  6. Vaani Sefilossi  
  7. Beroch Hachono  
  8. Ano Avdo  
  9. Kol Nidre  
  10. Ovinou Malkenou  
  11. Ono Tovo  
  12. El Mole Rakhamim  
  13. Choffar  
  14. Cheva Berakhot  
  15. Im Eschkakhekh Yerouschalayim  
This is the first of three recordings made by Adolphe Attia selected to convey the Offices for the Sabbath and for the main festivals of the Jewish liturgical year. This recording includes chant collection from throughout the liturgical year chosen by the cantor to convey "the most solemn moments of the offices, moments in which the spiritual and emotional participation of the congregation is at its most intense." The selections include chant from the weekly Sabbath service, the Feasts, the wedding service, and a the Psalms. Included is a rendition of Psaml 137 (If I forget Thee, O Jerusalem), and a contemporary compostion covering the liturgical themes of the year. Liner note with complete hymn text in French and English.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
This is a representative recording of Ashkenazie synagogue chant, by the cantor of the Grand Synagogue of Paris since 1961. While the chant is monodic, it is accompanied by organ which will be disconcerting to some. Still, it represents a traditional expression of the ancient Jewish synagogue liturgical tradition. The quality of the recording is very good, the sound is clear and crisp, and the emotion of the cantor clearly comes through and supports the text.

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