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Product Information
Eikona Paraklesis-Mother of Light
Artist: Eikona
Item number: AB005
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: English
Label: Eikona
Period: Contemporary
Length: not published
Release date: 1998
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Price: $16.00 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Psalm 142  
  2. God Is The Lord MP3  
  3. Ode 1 of the Canon MP3  
  4. Ode 3 of the Canon MP3  
  5. Ode 4 of the Canon MP3  
  6. Ode 5 of the Canon  
  7. Ode 6 of the Canon  
  8. Kondakion  
  9. Ode 7 of the Canon  
  10. Ode 8 of the Canon  
  11. Ode 9 of the Canon  
  12. Axion Estin  
  13. Troparia  
  14. Exapostilaria  
Throughout our Christian history, no woman has been more loved, more lauded, and more cherished than the blessed Virgin Mary. She herself foretold it; For behold, henceforth all generations will call me blessed. In the beautiful poetic-hymnography which is characteristic of Byzantine Chant in the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Theotokos, the Mother of God, is honored and esteemed for unique role in the salvation of human race. Through her, the Word of God became flesh, and the Infinite became, as it were, finite. Humanity took on Divinity even as Divinity took on humanity. She is the vehicle, par excellence, of humility and obedience and thus a supreme example of redeemed mankind. As the Mother of the Lord, she is our greatest ally and our most fervent intercessor.
ReviewBy: Fr. Apostolos Hill
Eikona has done another service for aspiring psaltis in this recording of the Paraklesis service. Like much of Byzantine hymnology, a syllabic pattern is maintained in the original Byzantine setting of the Paraklesis that is quite difficult to duplicate when texts are translated into English. Not only is this consistency maintained in this project but, more importantly, the sisters manage to convey a worshipful air while so doing. Production is again consistent, not getting between the performer and the listener. One can't help but imagine how much fuller their sound might become if recorded in a cavernous church, consistency issues not with standing. The beautiful poetry of this supplicatory canon embraces the listener and weaves a calming tapestry of sound. As a complete service, this recording is Eikona's best work to date.

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