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Product Information
Byzantine Choir of Odigitria The Supplicatory Canon to St Nektarios of Pentapolis
Artist: Byzantine Choir of Odigitria
Item number: AB083
Category: Byzantine
Chant Type: Byzantine
Language: Greek
Label: Elgohary
Period: Contemporary
Length: 57'27
Release date: 2002
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Call to Prayer MP3  
  2. Blessing; Psalm 142 MP3  
  3. God is the Lord MP3  
  4. Psalm 50 MP3  
  5. Canon: Odes I and III MP3  
  6. Petitions of the Priest MP3  
  7. Canon: Odes IV, V and VI MP3  
  8. Kontakion MP3  
  9. Hymns of Ascent MP3  
  10. Gospel of St. John MP3  
  11. Canon: Odes VII, VIII and IX MP3  
  12. Megalynarion MP3  
  13. Holy God; Our Father MP3  
  14. Apolytikion MP3  
  15. Dismissal Prayer MP3  
  16. Of all that hasten... MP3  
This recording features the service of the Supplicatory Canon to St. Nektarios, including litanies, readings, prayers, Gospel and prescribed hymns, such as the Odes of the Canon. The quality of the recording is very good and clear. Minimal liner notes that include a reproduction of the Apolytikion in Byzantine notation with the hymn text in English.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
Apart from the fact that what you hear on this CD is Byzantine chant in English, it is remarkable for its "traditional" and authentic sound ? as if you were in a monastery on the saints day for St. Nektarios. The recording of the service has both the read portions (Psalm 142, Psalm 50, etc.) and the sung portions, including Troparion, Kontakion and the Odes of the Canon. The feeling that comes to mind while listening is "subtle and delicate." Often sung translations into English come off a little choppy, or loose some of the original feeling in the translation, but not in this case. The ison and melody are very nicely balanced, the recording quality very good so that the sense of being in a church or monastery is captured. A delightful transport to listen to! The only short coming of this recording is that the complete hymn text is not included in English, which would allow one to do what the heart wants: to sing along when the choir sings "O holy one of God intercede for us...." during the Odes of the Canon.
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