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Product Information
Monastic Choir of St. Peter's Abbey Solesmes Gregorian Anthology; Following the Rhythm of the Liturgy
Artist: Monastic Choir of St. Peter's Abbey Solesmes
Item number: AG075
Category: Gregorian
Chant Type: Gregorian
Language: Latin
Label: Paraclete Press
Period: Medieval
Length: 74'08
Release date: 1997
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Price: $9.99 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Puer; Christmas Introit (Mode 7) MP3  
  2. Ambrosia Gloria; Christmas MP3  
  3. In splendoriubus; Christmas Communion (Mode 6) MP3  
  4. Christe redemptor; Christmas Hymn (Mode 1) MP3  
  5. Ecce nomen Domini; Christmas Trope (Mode 5)  
  6. Nos autem; Maundy Thursday Introit (Mode 4)  
  7. Christus factus; Maundy Thursday Responsory (Mode 5)  
  8. Ubi caritas; Maundy Thursday Offertory (Mode 7)  
  9. Pange lingua; Maundy Thursday Hymn (Mode 3)  
  10. Tenebrae; Good Friday Responsory (Mode 7)  
  11. Vexilla regis; Good Friday hymn (Mode 1)  
  12. Ecce quomodo; Holy Saturday Responsory (Mode 4)  
  13. Christus resurgens; Easter Responsory (Mode 2)  
  14. Haec dies; Easter Gradual (Mode 2)  
  15. Pascha nostrum; Easter Alleluia (Mode 6)  
  16. Victimae paschali; Easter Sequence (Mode 1)  
  17. Ad coenam; Easter Hymn (Mode 8)  
  18. Exsultemus; Easter Rhythm (Mode 3)  
  19. Salve dies; Easter Sequence (Mode 7)  
  20. Salve sancta Parens; Our Lady Introit (Mode 2)  
  21. Kyrie; Our Lady Kyrie IX (Mode 1)  
  22. Benedicta; Our Lady Gradual (Mode 4)  
  23. Recordare; Our Lady Offertory (Mode 1)  
  24. Regina caeli; Our Lady Antiphon (Mode 6)  
  25. Te Deum; Hymn  
This disc assembles selections from recordings made from 1980 to 1996, arranged in the order of the liturgical year. Chants of Christmas, Holy Week and Easter are followed by chants for feasts of Our Lady, concluding with the hymn Te Deum. The selection mixes some of the most familiar chants with other less well-known chants.
ReviewBy: Fr. Jerome Weber
This is a well-filled disc, but the original issues provide a more complete presentation of each liturgical observance. Anyone who intends to collect a fair representation of these superb discs might better choose the originals. The sung texts and translations are printed in the booklet, as they are on all Paraclete issues.

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