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Product Information
Choralschola of Dusseldorf Kyrie: Ars Gregoriana 10
Artist: Choralschola of Dusseldorf
Item number: AG101
Category: Gregorian
Chant Type: Gregorian
Language: Latin
Label: Motette
Period: Medieval
Length: 70'25
Release date: 1992
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Price: $9.99 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Lux et origo  
  2. Te Christe rex supplices MP3  
  3. Kyrie fons bonitatis MP3  
  4. Kyrie Deus sempiterne MP3  
  5. Rector cosmi pie MP3  
  6. Cunctipotens gen. Deus  
  7. Kyrie Magn. Deus potentiae  
  8. Kyrie rex splendens  
  9. De angelis  
  10. Cum iubilo  
  11. Alme Pater  
  12. Orbis factor (A)  
  13. Orbis factor (B)  
  14. Pater cuncta  
  15. Stelliferi conditor orbis  
  16. Iesu redemptor  
  17. Dominator Deus  
  18. Kyrie salve  
  19. Deus genitor alme  
  20. Summe Deus  
  21. Splendor aeterne  
  22. Firmator sancte  
  23. O Pater excelse  
  24. Kyrie Hispanicum  
  25. Kyrie Germanicum  
In the series devoted to the forms of Gregorian chant, this disc contains 31 settings of the Kyrie (three more will be found on a supplementary disc in the series). Although over 200 Kyries have been found in medieval manuscripts, only these settings are printed in modern editions. Several of these that are available in liturgical books have only been recorded once before this.
ReviewBy: Fr. Jerome Weber
Heard in sequence, this disc offers an interesting demonstration of the different formats of Kyrie composition. The simplest Kyrie uses three identical Kyries, three identical Christes, two more Kyries and a slightly embellished final Kyrie, while later settings introduced degrees of variety to the setting of the nine invocations.

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