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Product Information
Rybin Choir Grand Orthodox Slavic Liturgy
Artist: Rybin Choir
Item number: AJ004
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: Church Slavonic
Label: Harmonia Mundi
Period: Contemporary
Length: 64'08
Release date: 1997
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Price: $12.98 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Il est digne de te louer MP3  
  2. Gloria MP3  
  3. Ouvre-moi les portes de repentir MP3  
  4. Chants de Cherubins MP3  
  5. Nous te chantons  
  6. Apaise les souffrances  
  7. Credo  
  8. Gloria a la Consubstantielle Trinite  
  9. Pater Noster  
  10. Hereux l  
  11. Chant des Cherubins  
  12. Dans ton royaume  
  13. Louez le morm de seigneur  
  14. Nous te chantons  
  15. Il est digne de te louer  
  16. Dieu, sauve ton peuple  
From the back cover: Chants of Eternal Russia. The most famous Russian and Bulgarian Orthodox chants: this new recording for mixed and for male choirs covers a century and a half of liturgical music, from Bortniansky (1751-1825) to the flamboyant compositions of the first half of this century. These are the pieces and composers of the 'big sound' of Slavonic liturgical music, and this is what most of us first think of when we think of Russian Orthodox music. Selections are organized by composer, titles in French and Russian transcribed into Latin alphabet. First-rate liner notes, very clear and informative, in French, English and German. Good sound and artists, as expected from this label.
ReviewBy: Peter Schwalbenberg
An excellent selection very well executed. The big names and big works are all here: Vedel (in a less well-known piece), Lvovsky, Arkhangelsky, Gretchaninov (the signature Credo and Only Begotten Son), Kedrov (Pater Noster), Christov, Tchesnokov. There two each of To You We Sing, Cherubic Hymn and It is Meet. Some of these works can easily sound like concert pieces, but the performance here maintains the liturgical feel. This disk deserves a slot in every library of liturgical music.

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