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Product Information
Russian State Symphonic Cappella; V Polyansky The Seven Days of Passion; A. Grechaninov
Artist: Russian State Symphonic Cappella; V Polyansky
Item number: AJ084
Category: Russian
Chant Type: Russian
Language: Church Slavonic
Label: Chandos
Period: Contemporary
Length: 59'36
Release date: 1994
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Price: $7.99 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. 01 Behold the Bridegroom MP3  
  2. I see Thy bridal chamber MP3  
  3. In Thy kingdom  
  4. O gladsome light  
  5. Let my prayer be set forth  
  6. Now the powers of heaven MP3  
  7. As Thy mystical supper  
  8. O Lord, this very day  
  9. O Lord, a single hair MP3  
  10. The Lord is God & Noble Joseph  
  11. Weep not for me, O Mother  
  12. As many of you & Arise, O God MP3  
  13. Let all mortal flesh  
The first recording of Gretchaninov's monumental Passion Week, a work composed and premiered in 1912, but which then lay silent for some eighty years before it was revived in the early 1990s in Russia by Valery Polyansky and the Russian State Symphonic Cappella. Grechaninov was a prominent member of the "new Russian choral school," gathered around the Moscow Synodal School of Chruch Singing and its outstanding Synodal Choir of men and boys. This is a superb example of his work. Very good liner notes and hymn text translations are provided in English, French, and German.
ReviewBy: Vladimir Morosan
The Russian Symphony Cappella displays its customary technical exellence,and while the recording has some weaknesses in capturing the atmosphere of Holy Week, it is a welcome addition to the lineup of Russian sacred choral masterworks that are finally becoming available for the musical world to ponder and enioy

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