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Product Information
Various Renaissance Sacred Music
Artist: Various
Item number: AT031
Category: Renaissance Sacred
Chant Type: Sacred
Language: Latin
Label: Harmonia Mundi
Period: Renaissance
Length: 76'39
Release date: 2005
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Price: $7.99 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Kyrie (Missa Pange Lingua) - Desprez MP3  
  2. Gloria (Missal Pange Lingua) - Desprez  
  3. Kyria (Messe L  
  4. Gloria (Messe L  
  5. Credo (Messe La Bataille) - Janequin  
  6. Gloria (Missal Viri Galilaei) - Palestrina MP3  
  7. Agnus Dei I & II (Missa Viri Galilaei) - Palestrina  
  8. Kyrie (Mass for 4 Voices) - Byrd  
  9. Gloria (Mass for 4 Voices) - Byrd  
  10. Sanctus (Messa q quattro voci da cappella) - Monteverdi  
  11. Benedictus (Messa q quattro voci da cappella) - Monteverdi  
  12. Salve Regina - Desprez  
  13. Salvator mundi - Tallis MP3  
  14. Lamentatio tertia, tertii Diei - De Lassus  
  15. Motet Viri Galilaei - Palestrina  
  16. Ave dulcissima Maria - Gesualdo MP3  
  17. Reveillez vous chacun fidele - de L MP3  
  18. Quand non mari s  
  19. Apres avoir constamment attendu - Goudimel  
  20. Tant que vivray en aege florissant - de Sermisy  
  21. Why fum  
  22. Tallis  
This CD, No. 8 in the Century series, focuses on the main body of Renaissance sacred music, and includes most of the composers that come to mind when that term is used. The composition of the polyphonic mass as the musical touchstone of the period, because of its status, beauty and complexity, is discussed and illustrated so that the reader/listener understands how Medieval and Renaissance sacred music began with existing Gregorian melodies. Then, with the addition of a new voice and musical styles, a new sacred form was created . Liner notes in English and French, no hymn text.
ReviewBy: Benjamin Williams
This compilation focuses in three areas: the Franco-Flemish polyphonic mass, the Renaissance motet, and the songs and psalms of the Reformation. The polyphonic mass examples include Desprez, De La Rue, Palestrina and Monteverdi. The motet examples are "the masters," including Desprez, Tallis, De Lassus, Palestrina and Gesualdo. The Reformation examples remind us that the Reformation happened during this time in history, and that great composition took place on the Protestant side of the equation as well. As with the entire series, the quality and content make it a superb value.

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