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Product Information
Choralschola of Dusseldorf, Schola Hungarica Recommended Collection: Gregorian; Advanced Listener
Artist: Choralschola of Dusseldorf, Schola Hungarica
Item number: AZ006
Category: Recommended Packages
Chant Type: Gregorian
Language: Latin
Label: Various
Period: Mixed
Length: Various
Release date: 2002
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Price: $63.67 USD
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Track Listing
You may need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player to listen to the music samples below.
  1. Kyrie: Te Christe rex supplices MP3  
  2. Kyrie: Kyrie fons bonitatis MP3  
  3. Kyrie: Kyrie Deus sempiterne MP3  
  4. Rector cosmi pie MP3  
  5. Gloria: Gloria III B MP3  
  6. Gloria: Gloria IV MP3  
  7. Gloria: Gloria V MP3  
  8. Gloria VI MP3  
  9. Sanctus/Agnus Dei: Sanctus I MP3  
  10. Sanctus/Agnus Dei: Sanctus II MP3  
  11. Sanctus/Agnus Dei: Sanctus III MP3  
  12. Sanctus/Agnus Dei: Sanctus IV MP3  
  13. Old Roman Liturgical Chants: Kyrie MP3  
  14. Old Roman Liturgical Chants: Alleluia - Dixit Dominus MP3  
  15. Old Roman Liturgical Chants: Alleluia - Beatus vir MP3  
  16. Old Roman Liturgical Chants: Cito euntes MP3  
A selection of four CDs of Gregorian chant for the advanced listener that provides medieval chant of the Mass Proper as well as an example of Old Roman chant. All are in Latin, three from Germany and one from Hungary. Includes: Kyrie (AG101), Gloria (AG103), Sanctus/Agnus Dei (AG102), and Old Roman Liturgical Chants (AC003).
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